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Why Pertuniti?

Why is each of my projects scattered across at least 10 tools?

Why is certifiable or traceable the counterpart of agile in almost all organizations?

Why is it not possible for me to tailor my products or services to my customers and still have automated actions at the same time?


Pertuniti exists to enable transparency, team collaboration and automation in one platform. We combine project and process management in one system.


Pertuniti can help you and your team with tasks where you clearly are the expert, as well as with tedious routine work. Our intended audience are teams of any size that want to work together, collaboratively, in a traceable and agile way — often in a regulated environment.

Often, organizations need to rigidly stick to a choice between structured, modeled processes or flexible project management with Scrum and Kanban boards. Unfortunately, everyday work is neither black nor white, but very gray:

  • Strict guard rails to follow,
  • Well thought-out guidelines from which you may deviate, and
  • Truly dynamic projects in which you apply your expertise.

Pertuniti enables a mix of these working modes:

  • Pertuniti organizes project and process information in one place — tasks, documents, events, correspondences and any other information alongside processes.
  • Routine activities can easily be automated and reused in many situations.
  • Deviations from processes become evident immediately in so-called "cases": new tasks or information can easily be linked and tracked.
  • Teams can also work on tasks stemming from processes in an agile manner.


Dr. Johannes Tenschert

CEO, Process Science

Dr. Johannes Tenschert focuses on agile process management, adaptive case management, process mining and regulated processes. Based on his doctoral thesis (computer science), Pertuniti has brought ultra-flexible business process management into practice.

+49 89 21540190

Dr. Julia Gamradt

Organizational Development

In her doctoral thesis (business administration), Dr. Julia Gamradt specialized in transformations in companies, flexibilization, new work, and new approaches in HR. At Pertuniti, she enables our clients in mastering the requirements of the digital transformation.


Pertuniti in the Munich Technology Center
Pertuniti GmbH
Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1
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