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Today, digitization encompasses virtually all areas of life — and therefore generates a corresponding need for competencies in the modeling and development of IT systems and processes. Accordingly, lectures, seminars and other courses related to data and process modeling have found their way into many study programs, even outside of computer science and business informatics.

Pertuniti is an Adaptive Case Management System with a focus on modeling data and processes. It supports numerous notations, such as BPMN, flowcharts, process landscapes, EER diagrams (Chen notation), Petri nets and more. The data model of all notations is divided into a semantic and a representation layer, which makes diagrams highly machine-readable. Pertuniti is therefore useful both in research (simplified inference on diagrams) and in teaching (modeling).

Academic institutions themselves are continuously in a state of change — not just due to the Bologna reform, but also due to new requirements and expectations of students, politics and business. In this context, Pertuniti can be used as a highly flexible modeling and project management software to make your optimization and transparency initiatives a success.

Why should academic institutions use Pertuniti?

Modeling of processes

Pertuniti supports several notations, e.g. BPMN, flowcharts, DCR graphs, process landscapes, EER diagrams (Chen notation), Petri nets, and more. Pertuniti can be used for modeling your processes and IT systems, but of course also for educational purposes.

One platform

Pertuniti is the central hub for your project and process management. You and your team collaborate transparently and flexibly, and organize your projects, meetings, stakeholders and tasks (e.g. via a Kanban board). At the same time, you model, digitize, and automate your processes.

Efficient use of resources with Pertuniti

With Pertuniti, you can choose which plans you need for which accounts — and only pay for those. Each account and your complete organization plan can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

Authentication and authorization

Users of Pertuniti are always authenticated with two factors, whereas phishing-resistant access via security key or smartphone (webauthn) is supported as a second factor. Individual access rights can be assigned for individual workspaces, resp. cases.

Mobile work in the cloud

Pertuniti is a cloud-based solution and allows you to access your workflows from virtually anywhere. With Pertuniti, you can easily work in your office, your home office, and on the go.

Process and data modeling

Pertuniti can be used to model numerous notations in process and data management. This applies both to courses and to the visualization and optimization of your own processes.

Pertuniti in research

Pertuniti is a research-intensive startup, and accordingly we are very happy to work with universities, universities of applied sciences, and other scientific institutions.

In the context of data and process modeling, process mining, adaptive case management, and cyber security aspects of business process management, we are generally very open to collaboration e.g. as an associated partner.

Dr. Johannes Tenschert

CEO, Process Science

+49 89 21540190

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