Pertuniti facilitates your project management in various ways. Have a look at the different features of the application - and see how you they help your daily work.
Task Management

Coordinate tasks of your team. You can choose between different display options, e.g. Kanban.

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Case Management

As an adaptive case management solution, Pertuniti can flexibly map your ventures, processes and projects. Combine automation and flexibility in one platform.

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Activity Streams

Get an overview of what others have changed and worked on.

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Document Management

Get a preview within the tool, link documents to cases and tasks and set tags to categorize them.

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Collaboratively manage and reuse contact information.

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Full-text search

Quickly find the right cases, documents, tasks, or contacts.

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Multi-factor authentication

You can log in to Pertuniti using a second factor, e.g. your e-mail address, your security key or your smartphone.

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You and your team may use Pertuniti individually in German or English.

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Flexible Data

We provide you with a framework you can adjust according to your needs.

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Create templates for frequently needed documents and Microsoft Word will automatically generate letters, invoices and more.

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Coordinate details and your cases in general with your team.

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Team Organization

See what others have worked on, assign tasks, set deadlines and ensure everyone has all relevant information at any time.

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Mobile Integration

Pertuniti is integrated with all tools your phone is integrated to, e.g. your navigation and Siri. No need to download new software: continue using your calendar, contacts list and notifications.


Manage all your your correspondence and take advantage to keep track of it by entering individual descriptions and linking associated documents.

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User Access Control

You can manage individual or group-based access rights to your cases.

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No extra tools

You continue using the software/ devices you like, no need to change your workflow.

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