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Keeping an overview of your work, especially if it's more than one project and team, can become increasingly time-consuming. With a growing number of documents, tasks, stakeholders or subcases, finding just the right information becomes harder and harder.
With Pertuniti, you can quickly find what you are looking for with a fast search engine. It covers a growing number of elements within Pertuniti, including cases, documents, tasks, contacts, and more. For customers that subscribe to the professional and enterprise packages, the contents of documents of many data types (e.g. docx, pptx, pdf) can be searched as well. And the number of supported, searchable formats is still growing.
Just start typing keywords to search for in the upper search bar. Pertuniti automatically starts performing your search while you type. So you rarely have to type a lot.

Dr. Johannes Tenschert

CEO, Process Science

+49 89 21540190

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