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Pertuniti - The Case Management Company

Pertuniti helps you improve your work

Pertuniti helps you to make your and your team's project management more efficient. We enable knowledge workers to better manage their business cases or projects in linking together documents, contacts, tasks and events. Pertuniti offers a customizable all-in-one solution to better organize your work without making you change your routines.
You can add team members to your cases ensuring that they can access all relevant information and that all information is bundled in one tool. Pertuniti implemented Push allowing an immediate synchronization of all changes an all devices of all users.
Pertuniti - The Case Management Company

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"The most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st century is to increase the productivity of knowledge work and knowledge workers."

Peter F. Drucker

Why Pertuniti?

For Teams


For private use

Up to 3 users

1 GB

Only for private use

No support





For small business use

3 users included

Additional users for 20 €/month

300 GB

Additional 200 GB for each additional user

Data processing addendum




For medium-sized to large enterprises

Appointed number of users

Scalable storage

Individual adaptations

Integration with existing systems

Individual support

Data processing addendum

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