With Pertuniti, you model and automate processes of your company, and your team works on projects in a flexible and agile way.

Benefits and features of Pertuniti

Modeling and visualization of data and processes e.g. with BPMN or flowcharts.
Automation of processes. Pertuniti enables you to combine manual activities with low-code automation.
Organize tasks easily and transparently for individuals and teams, e.g. in the Kanban board or with dashboards.
Efficiently organize documents easily and transparently for individuals and teams, e.g. with linking and version control.
Secure collaboration using multi-factor authentication (e.g. with security key).
Integration wird durch API-Token ermöglicht. So können z.B. Web-Formulare oder eigene Apps mit Pertuniti verknüpft werden.

Process and Data Modeling with Pertuniti

With Pertuniti, you can model and automate with different notations for data, processes and process architectures.

For this purpose, you can create traditional models, flowcharts and process landscapes, but also EER diagrams or Petri nets.

Organize your tasks with Pertuniti

With Pertuniti you and your team can organize tasks easily and transparently. For example, a Kanban board is available for the management of to-dos.
Pertuniti supports the monitoring of project successes and KPIs with dashboards.

Dr. Johannes Tenschert

CEO, Process Science

+49 89 21540190

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