Pertuniti for MedTech

Healthcare companies face many challenges in terms of regulation, project management and quality management. Many standards, guidelines and laws determine the degree of flexibility and entail an enormous need for documentation and process-specific records. With this significant focus on regulatory requirements, it becomes difficult to also meet the needs of customers, employees and of the problem that actually needs to be solved.

Pertuniti enables you to join your project and process management into a single platform. With this integrated approach, you can implement processes that are highly structured and perhaps also automated to a large extent, but you can also handle flexible processes such as the development and release of a new version of your product. Activity streams make your processes transparent in regard to who did what — not only for team collaboration, but also for your auditors. Documents are under version control, which is why you can easily implement your individual requirements for the control of documents and records.

Pertuniti can also be used to design your quality management, as you can easily model your processes and process landscapes. Pertuniti implements diagrams just like regular files: They are under version control, you can create and manage attributes according to your needs, and you can link diagrams to other documents (e.g. standards, procedures, annexes), task, or events. This way, the process of process improvement also becomes transparent and the approval of changes to your QM system becomes considerably smoother.

Why should MedTech companies use Pertuniti?

One platform

Pertuniti is the central hub for your project and process management. You and your team collaborate transparently and flexibly, and organize your projects, meetings, stakeholders and tasks (e.g. via a Kanban board). At the same time, you model, digitize, and automate your processes.

Digital quality management

ISO 13485 certification requires regular internal and external audits — that Pertuniti facilitates by focusing on transparency and automation. With Pertuniti, you can implement your process and quality management in a lean, transparent, and digital way.

Agile processes

Pertuniti combines the efficiency of structured processes with the agility of project management. For example, tasks and documents handled in an ad hoc manner can become transparent to the team and to auditors — which enables agility even in regulated processes.

Efficient use of resources with Pertuniti

With Pertuniti, you can choose which plans you need for which accounts — and only pay for those. Each account and your complete organization plan can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

Mobile work in the cloud

Pertuniti is a cloud-based solution and allows you to access your workflows from virtually anywhere. With Pertuniti, you can easily work in your office, your home office, and on the go.

Modeling and automation

With Pertuniti, you can model your processes and process landscapes, and also automate many use cases directly via low code. Pertuniti can handle the complete project management of modeling and optimization initiatives.

Dr. Johannes Tenschert

CEO, Process Science

+49 89 21540190

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