Pertuniti for mid-sized enterprises

In the dynamic environment of medium-sized companies, in which hidden champions in particular develop their innovative power, customer-oriented processes are of crucial importance. These companies must act flexibly and in an agile manner in order to meet the changing needs of their customers. This is where Pertuniti comes in as a tool that merges project and process management in one platform, thus combining the efficiency of structured processes with the flexibility of social software and groupware.

Pertuniti facilitates the implementation of regulatory requirements and the establishment of process orientation in your organization. Processes and process landscapes can be modeled in Pertuniti — and also executed in your daily work. Pertuniti can therefore be used as a platform for digital quality and process management. As a cloud solution, Pertuniti can be used in the office, in the home office and on the road — as a hub for digital collaboration. All activities become transparent within the team and for auditors.

Pertuniti can be easily adapted to your current needs. As Pertuniti is a cloud solution, you don't need your own infrastructure: with a laptop or smartphone, an email address, and an internet connection, you can start right away.

Why should mid-sized enterprises use Pertuniti?

One platform

Pertuniti is the central hub for your project and process management. You and your team collaborate transparently and flexibly, and organize your projects, meetings, stakeholders and tasks (e.g. via a Kanban board). At the same time, you model, digitize, and automate your processes.

Digital quality management

In many industries, certifications (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 13485) is expected or mandatory — and audits on traceable processes are crucial for success. Pertuniti enables you to build your process and quality management in a lean, transparent, and digital way.

Agility and customer focus

Pertuniti combines the efficiency of structured processes with the agility of project management. Thus, you can effortlessly respond to individual customer needs — and thereby increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Flexibility for innovation

Pertuniti enables you to react quickly and flexibly to changes in the market. Process optimizations can take place step by step and during running operations.

Mobile work in the cloud

Pertuniti is a cloud-based solution and allows you to access your workflows from virtually anywhere. With Pertuniti, you can easily work in your office, your home office, and on the go.

Modeling and automation

With Pertuniti, you can model your processes and process landscapes, and also automate many use cases directly via low code. Pertuniti can handle the complete project management of modeling and optimization initiatives.

Dr. Johannes Tenschert

CEO, Process Science

+49 89 21540190

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