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Pertuniti makes it easier for you to build process orientation in your organization or unit. Processes and process landscapes can be modeled and executed in Pertuniti. Processes become transparent for teams, departments or the whole organization. This way, they can more easily be optimized as well.

Process orientation in organizations means not only modeling and transparency of processes, but also collecting further information and data, e.g. documents, PDFs, responsible persons and task management related to the process initiative and the modeled process. As a comprehensive solution for process and project management, Pertuniti also covers this aspect: Organize your project! By switching from paper-based to digital processes in Pertuniti, all project participants work together in a location- and time-flexible manner. Lean processes help meet the challenges of the future.

Pertuniti can be used to design your processes and process landscapes, as it has process modeling capabilities as well. In Pertuniti, diagrams are under version control just like all documents, they can be assigned any attributes, and you can link diagrams to other documents (e.g. related processes, manuals, templates, interviews), tasks, or scheduled meetings. Hence, Pertuniti can handle modeling as well as project and knowledge management for your optimization initiatives.

Pertuniti can be easily adapted to your current needs. As Pertuniti is a cloud solution, you don't need your own infrastructure: with a laptop or smartphone, an email address, and an internet connection, you can start right away.

Why should financial organizations use Pertuniti?

One platform

Pertuniti is the central hub for optimization and modeling initiatives. All tasks, deadlines, stakeholders, work documents and master data can be managed together with diagrams. All links between these elements are made explicit. Activities become transparent both within the team and to auditors.

Digital quality management

The implementation of numerous standards, laws and guidelines can become overwhelming. Pertuniti supports you in structuring your process and quality management in a lean, transparent and digital way. A comprehensible user access concept facilitates read-only access by auditors and short-term collaboration with external consultants.

Modeling of processes and data

Pertuniti supports several notations, e.g. BPMN, flowcharts, DCR graphs, process landscapes, ER diagrams and more. Some notations in process management can also be executed and automated via low code.

Agility and customer focus

Pertuniti combines the efficiency of structured processes with the agility of project management. Thus, you can effortlessly respond to individual customer needs — and thereby increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Authentication and authorization

Users of Pertuniti are always authenticated with two factors, whereas phishing-resistant access via security key or smartphone (webauthn) is supported as a second factor. Individual access rights can be assigned for individual workspaces, resp. cases.

Mobile work in the cloud

Pertuniti is a cloud-based solution and allows you to access your workflows from virtually anywhere. With Pertuniti, you can easily work in your office, your home office, and on the go.

Flexibility and efficiency

As a software in the realm of adaptive case management, Pertuniti treats projects and processes as so-called cases. These cases can include tasks, documents, contacts, events, correspondence, and master data — but also all links between case elements. This approach enables structured task, document, deadline, and stakeholder management, but also delivers the flexibility to implement your own workflow and to be fully equipped to deal with new situations.

Pertuniti enables structured processes as well as flexible project management — and a seamless transition to work efficiently and respond individually to customer needs. With this approach, automation can be accomplished step by step, e.g. with increasing experience in process management or for clustered, similar projects.

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Next to your regular processes, Pertuniti enables you to tackle new projects as well: For example, the pitch depicted above can be handled and managed in an ad hoc fashion. This example entails a set of result documents, stakeholders, and a calendar entry for a meeting. Instead of using many tools for file synchronization, for task management, or groupware for contacts and notes, all elements can be created directly in Pertuniti. The whole project becomes transparent, there is no need to synchronize many different tools, and access permissions within one single system are easy to manage.

Process and Data Modeling with Pertuniti

With Pertuniti, you can model and automate with different notations for data, processes and process architectures.

For this purpose, you can create traditional models, flowcharts and process landscapes, but also EER diagrams or Petri nets.

Dr. Johannes Tenschert

CEO, Process Science

+49 89 21540190

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