Pertuniti for Startups

Startups are under especially high financial and temporal pressure to use technology to rethink traditional approaches and ways of working. From the first business plan or collaborative development of prototypical products and services to a functioning company, internal processes are constantly changing. With paying customers, new employees, certification initiatives and experience, the emphasis on structured processes increases. Customers and investors expect fast responses to standard requests, especially from technology-savvy companies.

Pertuniti combines process and project management in one platform and enables the continuous and seamless improvement of your workflows. Starting from pure project and knowledge management, structured processes or experience can gradually influence and increase the degree of automation — up to fully automated end-to-end processes. The same is true in the other direction: Out of a structured process, additional activities can be performed in a flexible and transparent way. Partially automated processes, e.g. from your contact or order form, enable immediate and professional initial feedback — even if the main process behind it may still look very improvised.

Pertuniti can be easily adapted to your current needs. As Pertuniti is a cloud solution, you don't need your own infrastructure: with a laptop or smartphone, an email address, and an internet connection, you can start right away.

Why should startups use Pertuniti?

One platform

Pertuniti is the central hub for your project and process management. You and your team collaborate transparently and flexibly, and organize your projects, meetings, stakeholders and tasks (e.g. via a Kanban board). At the same time, you model, digitize, and automate your processes.

Efficient use of resources with Pertuniti

With Pertuniti, you can choose which plans you need for which accounts — and only pay for those. Each account and your complete organization plan can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

Certification and quality management

In many industries, certifications (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 13485) is expected or mandatory — and audits on traceable processes are crucial for success. Pertuniti enables you to build your process and quality management in a lean, transparent, and digital way.

Automation and flexibility

Automated end-to-end processes are a desired goal that is rarely achieved from the beginning. Pertuniti enables automation 'step by step' instead of an immediate shift of operation. That way, you can prioritize automation projects according to meaningful criteria and to single parts of processes.

Automation of standard processes

Processes can be modeled and automated using BPMN and other notations. Via low code, you can query content through forms, generate Word files and PDFs, and call web services. And much more.

Modeling of your use case

Pertuniti supports several notations, e.g. BPMN, flowcharts, DCR graphs, process landscapes, ER diagrams and more. These can also help you to design your products and services, and to make internal processes transparent for auditors, investors and employees.

Dr. Johannes Tenschert

CEO, Process Science

+49 89 21540190

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