Task Management

With Pertuniti you can easily manage your project tasks. And you can concentrate on one tool to manage and store your project results.
Depending on whether you want to get an overview of the tasks in a project or to work on a specific task, Pertuniti offers different views into your project.
The Dashboard view gives you a quick overview of the progress of your tasks.
You can organize tasks in a Kanban board according to their status, and change them via drag&drop. Details about tasks, such as notes, are available in the single-task view. In addition to a Kanban board, your tasks can also be displayed as a list or by category.
Kanban Board
Tasks can be arranged by status to help you focus on active and pending activities.
Tasks by status
Tasks can be organized by assigned tags (labels). In this example, by modules of a small consulting project. This allows you to easily structure and edit tasks by skill, by role, or by any category you deem appropriate.
Tasks by tag
In the single task view, you can work directly on a single task and e.g. link results, events or tasks, record master data, or comment on your task.
Single task
You can easily monitor large projects consisting of several subprojects (subcases) — e.g. in a consolidated dashboard or Kanban board.
Project landscapes

Keep track

Monitor the status of your project at one glance in the Dashboard and the Kanban Board. In addition to a summary of the project progress, the dashboard focuses on (un)assigned and tasks and responsibilities of project members. In the Kanban Board, you can see specific tasks and identify bottlenecks at an early stage.

Large projects with Pertuniti

Small projects for the evaluation of a business idea or for the creation of an offer occasionally grow into very large project structures with different stakeholders, phases and permissions. In Pertuniti, these project units can be represented by "subcases". The different views on projects can be displayed for the current project or aggregated for all projects of the current hierarchy level.

Dr. Johannes Tenschert

CEO, Process Science

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