Multi-factor authentication

Pertuniti emphasizes on security and therefore provides two-factor authentication for all registered users.
Pertuniti supports two-factor authentication via WebAuthn. This allows both security keys and smartphones to be set up as a second factor.
Pertuniti supports the use of security keys.
Security keys
Security keys can be used with all popular operating systems on laptops and smartphones.
Many security keys can be used on a mobile device via NFC.
Mobile devices
If no security key or smartphone is available as a second factor, you can use one-time codes sent by e-mail.
One-time codes

For all users of Pertuniti!

Although Pertuniti offers discounted user types in the form of Associate users and read-only users, two-factor authentication via email, security key or smartphone is a feature available to all registered users.

We recommend the use of security keys or a smartphone as a second factor. In contrast to one-time-passwords sent via email or SMS, these login methods can also take the domain name into account and thus make phishing much more difficult.

At no extra cost

If you do not have a security key or smartphone or do not want to provide one for your employees, you do not need to: Without a registered device, by default you will receive a one-time code via e-mail, which can be used for a few minutes:

Authentication via email

Most Pertuniti users already have a business or private smartphone, which is why using the smartphone as a second factor usually does not incur any additional costs.

Physical security keys naturally incur additional costs unless they have already been purchased for another service. Physical security keys are now available at very acceptable prices.


Multi-factor authentication can be used on all major platforms, both on your laptop and on your smartphone.

Compatibility of security keys

Pertuniti supports hardware security keys via webauthn, which is supported by numerous providers of corresponding security keys and by virtually all modern browsers. We have tested the compatibility of the following security keys, all of which can be used with Pertuniti:
Name Manufacturer Interface Made in Compatibility
Windows (11)macOS (Ventura)Ubuntu (23.04)iOS (16)Android (13)
Google Titan Security Key Google USB-C, NFC USA & China 1)
Swissbit iShield Key Pro Swissbit USB-A, NFC Germany 2)
Swissbit iShield Key FIDO2 Swissbit USB-A, NFC Germany 2)
YubiKey Security Key NFC Yubico USB-A, NFC Sweden & USA
YubiKey Security Key C NFC Yubico USB-C, NFC Sweden & USA
1) The Google Titan Security Key could not be registered under Safari, but a login works without problems. Use e.g. Chrome or Firefox to register the security key.
2) Neither login nor registration were possible under Firefox or Chromium. The test ran under a virtual machine with Ubuntu 23.04 for ARM. Other Linux distributions or platforms might still work.
The following browsers were tested:
  • Windows (11): Chrome, Edge, Firefox
  • macOS (Ventura): Safari, Chrome
  • Ubuntu (23.04): Firefox, Chromium
  • iOS (16): Safari (connected via NFC)
  • Android (13): Chrome (connected via USB-C and adapter for USB-A)

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