Activity Streams

Keeping an overview of your work, especially if it's more than one project and team, can become very messy. Staying informed about present and past work is crucial to efficiency and the quality of your work.
With Pertuniti, you can always be up to date: Activity streams are available on different granularities, i.e. on all your projects, on a single case, and on artifact level (e.g. a single task or document). Each activity represents some action or change you, your team or your automated workflows performed.
On the main page, you get an overview of all current activities of all cases. This way, you stay informed even across many projects or after vacation breaks.
In the activity stream at case level, you can see what has happened specifically for a single case or project. You can overview all activities even over long periods of time.
With activity flows for individual case elements, e.g. for tasks, you can track changes very specifically — e.g. in subsequent research or during audits.
Case element

Dr. Johannes Tenschert

CEO, Process Science

+49 89 21540190

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