User Access Control

You like working with simple authorization concepts? Pertuniti allows you to manage all users and their authorizations with a few simple clicks. This way, you can differentiate between cases and assign case specific authorizations.

You don’t want to administrate everything by yourself? Just grant admin authorization to your colleague with a few simple clicks.

Access rights

You want to grant a new colleague access to a case, but only one case? With Pertuniti you can also assign case specific authorizations and decide on a case to case basis, who can administrate, write or read.

Add new users

Your organization keeps growing? No problem! You can easily add new users and invite them automatically via e-mail.

You quickly lose track of your sent invitations or the ones of your colleagues? Invited users are displayed in an overview. This way you can check on first sight, who invited who and when.


You don’t want to grant authorizations for every colleague separately? With Pertuniti, you can create groups, whose authorizations can be edited collectively.

You want to contribute to a case, but you are lacking the authorization? The notification shows you who to address in order to be granted access.

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