You and your team may use Pertuniti individually in German or English. Pertuniti itself is multilingual and flexible.
This makes it possible to customize the status types of tasks or cases, the types of correspondence that may be used, forms for data elements, and document template variants in multiple languages. Pertuniti thus manages to lower the hurdles for collaboration in international teams.
All views in Pertuniti are multilingual — currently in German and English. For example, all activities get translated while user-generated content like file names or comments remain in their original language.
Multilingual views
Each view has a help bar that can be expanded or collapsed. This help bar explains all applicable activities of the view. The screenshot depicts the previous view with a help bar in German for a direct comparison.
Localized help
Even complex views like Kanban boards are multilingual. Here, you can configure each available status yourself — or even add completely new ones (e.g. for review).
Kanban board
An important part of a task status is the (optional) translation to German or English. Each user then sees the status name of the currently chosen language.
Localized task status
Even data and process modeling benefits from localization for international teams. For example, attributes of selected elements as well as errors and warnings of the BPMN model checker are localized.
Pertuniti helps you to easily internationalize your own activities. For example, you can create Word templates in several variants, whereby unsupported languages or any variant names can also be freely chosen.
Create templates
If the variant type is a supported language, it is preselected when a template is being used, e.g. English in this example. A different variant / language can be selected without changing the language used in Pertuniti.
Use templates

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