Flexible datamodel

With its flexible datamodel, Pertuniti enables you to adapt both the software in general as well as single cases to your daily routine.


You often work on similar cases and can reuse previous documents with minor adaptations?
Then the reference function will increase your efficiency. It enables you to link tasks to related documents as well as informed experts and meetings.
Links are directly visible and you can easily switch between all elements to find what you are looking for.


You sometimes get lost in all your cases, tasks, meeting and documents?
Tags will help you to keep track of all those things. With personalized labels you can easily identify related case elements.

Central attributes

Your cases, tasks, documents and meetings contain important characteristics that should be visible at first sight?
Pertuniti enables you to save central attributes for all case elements.

Flexible states

Your daily routine at work differs from other companies? You wish to adjust software to your processes and needs?
Pertuniti enables you to modify case and task status elements to your individual requirements.
The following example shows how a standard Kanban board can be adjusted to your team via the settings (menu in the top right corner) and the task status.

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