Who are your "process customers"?

Dr. Johannes Tenschert, Dr. Julia Gamradt
PDF, 6 pages

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Business process modeling rarely happens just as an academic exercise in a vaccum — actual business processes in practice may have a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. While the role 'Customer' in a BPMN model almost always is a good hint on who should get special attention, it is rarely the only one. In this article, we depict an overview of whom to consider.


Dr. Johannes Tenschert

Dr. Johannes Tenschert focuses on agile process management, adaptive case management, process mining and regulated processes. Based on his doctoral thesis (computer science), Pertuniti has brought ultra-flexible business process management into practice.

Dr. Julia Gamradt

In her doctoral thesis (business administration), Dr. Julia Gamradt specialized in transformations in companies, flexibilization, new work, and new approaches in HR. At Pertuniti, she enables our clients in mastering the requirements of the digital transformation.

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