Tech Days 2020 and first blog entry!

Today, we started two new things.

First, we publicly began talking about our new approach for combining completely flexible adaptive case management with process automation and guidance - and present first results at the Tech Days 2020!

Second, we initiated this blog.

Tech Days 2020

The content for the Tech Days 2020 is really new and did not yet make it into the rest of our website (and not all of it is already deployed, the following screencast depicts a prototype). While our solutions remains as flexible as it always was, we now integrate modeling of processes as well - as subprocesses of a case or project.

This way, we combine modeled processes with the flexibility of social software. Especially in domains like medtech, automotive, aviation, insurance, or finance, organizations adhere to many norms (ISO 9001 / 13485 / etc.), laws, and other regulation. Quality management systems facilitate compliance, but often reduce flexibility where regulation does not.

At Pertuniti, regulated processes are performed within a case. The case allows managing tasks, documents, events, correspondence, and arbitrary data. Activity streams contain all manual and automated activities for your team and auditors. This way, we facilitate traceability, reduce documentation for audit trails, and allow project management within one system of record. Pertuniti introduces agility even for highly regulated organizations.

Blog @ Pertuniti

Introducing new ways for efficient traceability and process management for regulated processes is also our main driver to start this blog. Explaining our features is no longer sufficient support, as we also had a clear intention when introducing certain features that can make your life as a quality manager or end user in a regulated organization quite easier, at least in regard to avoiding unnecessary documentation and repititive tasks. But that requires explaining the context and how they can be useful there.

Hence, this blog will revolve around quality management, flexible process management, adaptive case management, and what else happens here at Pertuniti. With my background in medical quality management, our QM content will be particularly strong in that domain.

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